Control Diabetes with Diet!

Diet makes a difference whether you are at risk for diabetes or have diabetes.   Following a healthy diet and exercise plan are key to treating or preventing diabetes.  Research proves it!

The US Department of Health and Human Services recently released results of a Diabetes Prevention Study.  The study indicated risk for diabetes is reduced by 58% when the following lifestyle changes occur:

  • calorie and dietary fat reduction in diet,
  • physical activity - 30 minutes per day on 5 days of the week, and
  • weight loss - 5% body weight reduction as a result of diet and exercise.

These lifestyle changes are successful in treating Type 2 diabetes as well!  The American Diabetes Association states that weight loss can help those with diabetes in two ways.  First, weight loss reduces insulin resistance allowing the insulin you produce to work more effectively.  Second, weight loss improves blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  This helps with reducing risk for heart disease.  

Research indicates those with diabetes have difficulty adhering to their recommended meal plan.  One study found 2/3 of patients agree that following doctor's recommendations of diabetes care is not easy.  Researchers found patients were doing a good job at taking diabetes medications but struggled with other aspects including following dietary advice. takes the guesswork out of your meal plan!  We offer menus complete with recipes, grocery lists, and Nutrition Facts.  Calorie specific menus are e-mailed to you weekly helping you stay focused on controlling diabetes.