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Diabetes Recipes Diabetes Menus diabetes diet diabetic recipes diabetic diet diabetic menus Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 diabetesplanner.com
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Diabetes-Group is a free diabetes discussion forum available in a list-server (e-mailed) format.  Those subscribing to Diabetes-Group automatically receive messages posted by other members of the Diabetes-Group list.

To post a message to the entire group a member simply sends an e-mail message to the Diabetes-Group list.  The message is automatically e-mailed to everyone on the Diabetes-Group list.  Members of Diabetes-Group are welcome to post messages freely, but there are rules & etiquette for posting:

  1. Do not respond to another posting on the list unless your response benefits everyone else.
  2. Refrain from scolding other members of the list.  Recognize different opinions exist when posting your point of view.
  3. Please post only Diabetes related information.  No advertisements, political statements, or vulgar language.
  4. Be aware that articles and other information from other websites may be copyrighted.  Please do not copy information and post it through the list-server.
  5. We reserve the right to remove any user at anytime from the list-server.
  6. The information found on the list-server is not necessarily provided by professionals and is not intended to replace medical or dietary advice.  DiabetesPlanner.com provides the list-server as a free service to those interested in Diabetes.  DiabetesPlanner.com takes no responsibility for the information posted by list-server members.

To Subscribe to the Diabetes-Group list-server complete the following form:
Subscribe to Diabetes-Group

To Unsubscribe from Diabetes-Group send an e-mail to:

If you have questions or suggestions regarding Diabetes-Group please use the Contact Us form.

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Diabetes menus grocery lists diabetes recipes and nutrition facts for those diagnosed with diabetes. Menus are prepared by professional diabetes educators.  Weekly diabetes menu includes a grocery list diabetes recipes and nutrition analysis.

Diabetes care is specific and all of the information on the DiabetesPlanner.com website may not apply to you.  Our diabetes menus diabetes recipes and other diabetes information are not intended to replace professional medical advice.  Always check with your physician prior to starting a new diet or exercise program.